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Personalized Family Dentistry Services in Newcastle

Image of a mom and her children at dentist office. When it comes to your family's smiles, you want to know that you have a dental team you can trust to look after every member of your family. At Newcastle Smile Dental Centre, we provide comprehensive family dental services to suit the needs of every individual irrespective of age. Our friendly team strives to offer the highest quality dental care for children, teens, adults, and seniors. With our family dental services in Newcastle, we provide care for your long-term and short-term oral health needs.

You can rely on our qualified and compassionate family dentists and hygienists to create a positive, comfortable, and professional experience for every individual. We combine our dental skills with advanced technology to provide quality family dentistry for your entire family. We are passionate about our dental work, and our priority is to ensure that you and your family can enjoy your healthy and confident smiles. Contact us today to set up an appointment for the entire family.


Why Choose Family Dentistry?

Our family dental services in Newcastle cater to all patients' dental needs regardless of age. We make setting up appointments convenient because everyone is able to visit the same practice. Since we care for the entire family, we can diagnose common dental issues shared by genetics, lifestyle, or environment, and provide comprehensive treatment. Another benefit is that your children will see the same dentists from infancy to childhood and can build lifetime relationships.

Our Comprehensive Dental Services

At Newcastle Smile Dental Centre, we know that comprehensive dental care is critical to keeping your family's teeth and gums healthy. Our family dentistry is tailored to help every family member achieve and maintain optimal oral and overall health. Our family dentists use their extensive knowledge to offer dental treatments that restore, protect, and enhance your smile and health. Some of the family dental services we offer include:

General Dentistry: Preventive dental care is vital at any age. We aim to help you maintain an effective oral hygiene routine to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, or cavities. You can safeguard your family's smiles with routine dental visits for professional dental exams and cleanings every six months. We can identify warning signs of tooth damage or decay and other dental issues and provide the proper treatment before the situation becomes severe.

Pediatric Dentistry: Our dental team believes that visiting the dentist should be something children look forward to. We will engage with your child in an approachable and gentle chairside manner. Our dentists can explain everything in a kid-friendly language to help them understand the importance of dental care. We're happy to give your children a tour around our dental office to demonstrate our equipment and help the dental visit engaging and relaxed. As your child grows, we'll help them develop positive dental habits they can take into adulthood. We'll monitor their growing smile and refer you to a trusted orthodontist for misalignment issues.

Restorative Dentistry: Even if you are meticulous with your oral health care, some unexpected situations may occur, such as cavities or damaged enamel. Our team will provide custom crowns, fillings, and other restorations to help you get your smile back in good condition. We offer compassionate, nonjudgmental service and will answer all your questions so you can choose the option that's best for your oral health and goals.

TMD, Bruxism, and Sleep Apnea Treatments: Our dentists can provide a personalized treatment plan or work with your specialist to provide you with comprehensive treatment that considers all your needs. We have the solutions to treat these conditions using oral appliances designed to resolve each situation. We'll work closely with you to find the appliance that is effective and positively impacts your oral health.

Root Canal Therapy and Extractions: Our team knows that tooth pain and infection can happen to anyone. We strive to save your natural tooth structure whenever possible, which is why we offer root canal therapy to preserve your tooth. Though always used as a last resort, our dentist also performs precise extractions when needed to restore your oral health.

Nitrous Oxide For Children and Adults: Our dentists understand that some people may put off their dental appointments because of anxiety. Our compassionate team will provide nitrous oxide to make you more comfortable during dental procedures. You will not fall asleep, but the nitrous oxide will put you at ease and eliminate any anxiety that you usually experience.

Improve Your Family's Smiles With Family Dentistry in Newcastle

At Newcastle Smile Dental Centre, we provide family dental services for all ages. Our dental office has served families in Newcastle and surrounding areas for decades, and you can trust our family dentists to provide quality care for you and your loved ones. We provide dental treatments coupled with tips to improve your dental health and keep your gums and teeth clean and healthy. Contact our office to set up your appointment and get exceptional family dentistry in Newcastle.



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