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TMJ Treatment is Available in our Newcastle Dental Office



botox can be used to tretm tmd and tmj pain. contact our newscastle dental office for more informationTemporomandibular disorders (TMD, or sometimes called TMJ) consist of multiple disorders that involve the jaw joint, and can cause discomfort and pain in and around the joint itself, jaw muscles, and the head.  Those with TMD have symptoms that usually include facial muscle pain, headaches, and neck aches. There are a few methods of therapy that may help with TMD depending on the severity of symptoms.


Bruxism appliances, or nightguards, may be helpful for those with mild symptoms, as they may help with wear of teeth and also prevent heavy clenching of the jaw muscles. Our Newcastle dentists can assess your muscles, teeth, and possible grinding patterns if you are a good candidate for these appliances.


Muscle-weakening injections can also be used as a treatment modality for orofacial pain, particularly for people who suffer from mild to moderate TMD symptoms. These injections can help alleviate tension in the related muscles and may be an effective mode of therapy.

The procedure itself is very simple and only takes several minutes to complete. Side effects are very rare, and it is contraindicated in very few individuals. However, patients with a history of muscle disorders and those who are pregnant, or breastfeeding should not proceed with this treatment. 

Call us to book a consultation if you have had jaw pain or headaches that may be related to heavy clenching to see if you are a candidate.






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